Our current innovation interests span developing Special Purpose Vehicles and
new ventures in the following domains

Intellectual Property Management


IPEngine is a leading provider of Intellectual Property research, advisory and asset management services to publicly held and venture-backed Corporations, Institutional Investors, international Law Firms, Universities and Research & Development organizations, and top-tier Consultancies. Bringing together deep intellectual property expertise, technology savvy, deal-making experience, and strategic insight, IPEngine delivers the full spectrum of intellectual property management services – ranging from technology assessment, patent drafting, prosecution and litigation support, IP rights management, and portfolio building. IPEngine was formed in partnership with GTC Law Group, a US-based IP law firm.

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CaseGuard specializes in providing intuitive, secure, and affordable eDiscovery software solutions that allow customers to achieve efficiency and compliance from day one. We believe that great litigation management software must reflect a strong grasp of the underlying legal issues and actual attorney workflow, yet not force tradeoffs in performance, value, and flexibility. The mission at CaseGuard is not simply to deliver software, but to provide customers with a true edge in eDiscovery with solutions that are accessible anytime and anywhere.


Medical Innovation


WunderCare is building a next-generation health informatics business that will provide statistical healthcare and insurance information services. It will build collaborative platforms to support new financial services products, clinical care intelligence to improve their quality of care and pharmaceutical information to help guide research efforts in lifecycle management of various drugs.


In 2000, Raj Malhotra formed Spryance Inc. to pursue opportunities in the medical transcription industry. He was joined early in this venture by Russell Franks, Rajiv Shetye and Rajen Shah, who became investors and executives with the Company. Over the following 6 years, the company grew from a bootstrapped startup, raised significant venture capital and became one of the leaders in the industry. In 2006 the Company acquired a larger competitor and changed its name to Heartland Information Services. Raj Malhotra served as Chairman of the combined company until 2007.

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Smart Grids

Kalki Energy

Chiasma has assembled a strong team of experienced professionals, committed to bringing innovative technologies to the
market to secure the electricity grid. Kalki Energy is developing and advancing market opportunities at the intersection of cyber-security and information technology with the electricity supply industry, around products to secure SCADA and ICSs …while this is related to the power markets initially and it will hopefully expand to other markets in the future, related to mobile security applications.

We are focused more on the legacy systems and existing infrastructure as opposed to the smart grid infrastructure that will be rolled out over the next 2-5 years.

We are more focused on the upstream or wholesale markets rather than the distribution level markets. Kalki Energy is an early stage business providing innovative and IP intensive security offerings and supporting services the electric utility industry.  We are growing by developing, licensing and acquiring products which conform with this vision.

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Technology Competitive Intelligence Report Solar Energy and Power Generation 13-Mar-09

Mobile Payments


Chiasma is developing intellectual property assets for online payment infrastructure in conjunction with a partner who has operated a significant transaction platform servicing over a billion Euro in annual payments. PayFarm as a mixed operating and licensing model and expects to build innovations in payment technologies that impact developing country markets and enhance the ability of millions of small merchants to trade their products outside their home markets.as assemble.

Mass Affluence


art2020 provides a portfolio of services to art collectors. The company is specifically targeting the needs of newer collectors who are looking for both investment returns as well as intrinsic returns from art. The company is conceiving a creative registry to support authentication and copyright management. It is also developing new collaboration paradigms for collectors to sharing their collections and promote emerging international artists who are committed to cross-cultural exchange.


  • Worldwide travel and transportation industry is experiencing massive structural shifts driven by internet technologies and the emergence of middle-income consumers and business travelers particularly in BRIC countries
  • Homestay is developing key technologies and markets to increase yield management and efficiencies for "Un-Hotels"...targeting the ever-growing numbers of corporate travelers and tourists who are interested in accommodations in professionally managed apartments, apart-hotels, villas, and boutique residences.


Tropolis is developing an online travel platform driven by a custom publishing engine and strategic intellectual property assets. This platform delivers custom itineraries to enable discerning travelers to tune into the world's most captivating and impervious capitals by unearthing what to do, where to go and where to find the best. Its clients include brands and businesses across the luxury, travel, hospitality, and lifestyle sectors.


Social Gaming

  • Game industry has entrenched players, high levels of disruption, and large revenues
  • Disruptive trends: Massively multiplayer games, location based services, smart phone, and a virtual goods economy are converging to enable the next big thing: location based, mixed reality gaming which will unlock location based, mixed reality commerce
  • Innovative social gaming platform and related intellectual property SPV

Clean Technologies

  • Frugal innovation (some of which will originate in developing countries) can transform the cost and performance parameters of a range of conventional clean technologies
  • Disruptive trends: Creating the innovation platform to build low cost platform technologies and appliances offers long term competitive technologies
  • Projects: Solar technology sourcing joint-venture