Chiasma is developing innovations and ventures across a range of strategic sectors. We look for the following criteria in selecting strategic sectors

  • History of intellectual property influenced dynamic between large entrenched players and upstart rivals and a tendency to periodic technology disruption
  • Market dominance in such sectors require placing judicious bets on key enabling platform elements to support a new ecosystem that can disrupt customer acquisition costs (through new distribution channels/sales models); operating leverage (through technology enabled production efficiencies); and/or outside agencies (regulatory, demographic,...); and/or a change in the value proposition for an end user.
  • Bets made in Strategic Sectors need to support a strong beta (in that returns are pegged to ongoing revenue streams from royalties/licenses that have a long shelf-life) and offer high alpha options (offer the prospect of generating large exit premiums by selling particular IP assets)

We are always seeking to engage with game-changers and innovators, adventurers, artists, and one-of-a-kind entrepreneurs to generate meaningful and valuable breakthroughs.

Tell us about your business/venture. It's easy to reach us. Email or call, or have a mutual acquaintance connect us.

Before you reach out, please note that we look for opportunities that demonstrate some combination of the following characteristics:

  • Recurring revenue streams from technology-enabled services
  • Lack of dominant competition, fragmented markets, double-digit sector growth rates
  • Intelligence and analytics drive value
  • Strong differentiation can be achieved through focused market offering
  • Databases and knowledge assets can be re-purposed

We measure our success not just by the traditional financial metrics of superior returns, but also with respect to the generation of positive social impact and our ability to foster a vibrant culture of innovation. With a passion for pioneering and progress, GroupChiasma is relentlessly driven to help entrepreneurs and companies turn their vision into reality. We are behind our ventures and incubated projects all the way, consistently endeavoring and pledging to

Harvest Invention
We are on the cusp of a New World and are capitalizing on intellectual property to build value in this new era.

Engage Talent
We believe that developing talent is among the highest leadership priorities, and encourage team members in the sharing of insights and collaboration in a synergistic and generous way.

Build Deep Trust
GroupChiasma places great value in integrity and ethical transparency in all its businesses. We say what we do and do what we say.

Create Shared Value
Group Chiasma works only in sectors where it can have transformative impact through building global scale and generating sustainable assets.