Innovation Services

We provide innovation services to clients and partners through three synergistic offerings

Front End of Innovation

We have close working relationships with top-tier consulting firms who have a track record of empowering organizations to grow through innovation. This includes services to create "Open Innovation Platforms" that can deliver breakthrough concepts, product plans, and business results. We can tune such offerings to help a client or partner organization to build organizational capabilities that drive innovation year-after-year, leverage "innovation olympics" to harness latent talent pools in universities and R&D groups, and turbo-charge these programs by integrating ideation and knowledge management tools to capture and accelerate inventive ideas and prowess.

BEport: Incubation

  • The World Has Turned:
  • The Rise of the Mini-Multinational – companies that need a new kind of integrated Work-Live-Play Space

A new kind of incubator

A full suite of resources to engender accelerated growth

  • Multiple Benefits
    • Flexible rental arrangements (by person/by organization/virtual offices)
    • Professional Business Services (accounting, legal and intellectual property, marketing and business development, labs for rapid prototyping, IT/data collocation)
    • Conference and Event Management (specialty conferences, start-up clinics)
    • Entrepreneurial Networking (social, dining, entertainment)
  • Low Costs through Frugal Innovation
    • Affordable pricing (for outsourced services, shared business development, labs)
    • Access to international distribution, manufacturing, software development, and financing
  • BEports are being planned in a range of "BE-cities" around the world: Boston, Barcelona, Brussels, Bangalore, Berkeley,

Kiasma Labs: Product Innovation

Kiasma Labs offers a range of product development and prototyping solutions in conjunction with a series of partners drawn for their expertise in particular domains such as medical devices, clean-tech, digital media, and transportation.